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9 Reasons Why Flipkart Doesn't Need Saving

The Indian startup world was abuzz yesterday about a blog post by Haresh Chawla--"Saving Private Flipkart"-- outlining what he saw as problems with Flipkart, and proferring advice on how it could "save" itself. The post was entertaining -- using the literary device of re-purposing quotes from Saving Private Ryan and applying them to Flipkart. However, the post was completely unfounded. So here is my 2p response... I am also taking the liberty of borrowing quotes from Saving Private Ryan to embellish my riposte!
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Here's Why India Really Does Have What It Takes To Become The World's E-Commerce Capital

I recently read an article describing India's unprecedented e-commerce growth as a "primed-up athlete finally hitting his full stride." But is India sitting on the cusp of an e-commerce bubble or will the growth multiply? If the truth be told, e-commerce has been booming for the past 15 years, but the ecosystem has only now started to fall in place - and this can be substantiated by the following factors.
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COUNTERED: 7 Arguments Against Flipkart's App-Only Makeover

Whoa! My previous article, "6 Reasons Why Flipkart's App-Only Strategy Is A Masterstroke", sparked quite a debate in the realm of social media. Every second person who took the time to read the article had some sort of problem with Flipkart's impending move. While I continue to reply to each and every comment to explain my perspective, I reckoned it would be more efficient to address the common concerns expressed by readers in a single post.
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5 Reasons Why Going App-Only Could Be Disastrous For Flipkart

The decision to go app-only seems to have stemmed from a number of factors - Myntra running fairly well on its app platform, the speculation that m-commerce will take over e-commerce, more customer information resulting in personalised services, ease in pushing notifications to the customers, saving costs for running a desktop website. However, a number of variables suggest that keeping the desktop site live is absolutely necessary for Flipkart to stay in the competition in the long run.