Yes You Can: An Antidote To The Naysayers

Have you ever heard someone say "Oh come on, anyone can do that. That isn't a big deal..."? We do something special and they remind us that we're ordinary. We try to rise, and they criticise us. We resolve to take a leap, and they try to stop us by reminding us that we'll fall.
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Indrani Mukerjea And The True Meaning Of Ambition

Indrani is being portrayed as a calculating small-town girl on a ruthless climb up the social ladder. What I wish to fervently communicate to the media is that ambition is not a bad thing. It does not lead most people, or women in particular, to murder people. Amidst all this frenzy, there is real food for thought. It brings to our minds a very important question. Not just for Indrani but all of us. How much is too much?
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Quitting The Rat Race To Chase A Dream

You are making money, lots of it. When you exchange notes with your batchmates, you have lofty titles to display against your name. You also have the expression on your face that says, "I am important! I am always busy." You have arrived. You run and run, until one fine day you are just too exhausted to even get up. You feel an emptiness, a longing, a burnout, a bone-deep fatigue and a desire to break free.