Self-Respect Weddings: A Feminist, Egalitarian Legacy From 75 Years Ago

When DMK leader MK-Stalin met an aging Sampoornam in her cramped house last year, they spoke about her wedding which took place 75 years ago. This was no ordinary wedding ceremony. In fact, what was special was that there was no ceremony at all. It happened to be the first recognised Suyamariyathai (self-respect) marriage presided over by former chief minister and DMK leader CN Annadurai (Anna). Sampoornam passed away last week, but she leaves a legacy of social reform in marriage.

Why People Say Sanskrit is the Mother of Kannada And Why They Are Wrong

It's quite common to bump into people who think it is, but Kannada is not a derivative, a simplification, a corruption, or in short, a daughter of Sanskrit. Based on etymological and grammatical considerations, linguists place Kannada and Sanskrit in two separate language families, viz., Dravidian and Indo-Aryan. If this is the case, why are people misinformed? What prompts even educated Kannadigas to wrongly claim that Sanskrit is the mother of Kannada? There are four main reasons.