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Triple Talaq And The Dilemmas Of Salma, Shaheen And Sajjida

There’s been a lot of debate around the issue of triple talaq of late, especially since the Supreme Court started hearing a petition questioning its legal validity. Here, rather than going into the merits of the petition, I want to present the sociolegal aspects of triple talaq as experienced by three Muslim women -- Salma (28), Shaheen (45) and Sajjida (48) – who spoke to me in my capacity as a lawyer about the travails they are facing.

Church Divorces: Legal Or Not?

Although the Catholic Church does not permit divorce, it does have an internal legal process that allows believers to obtain a ruling that a marriage bond wasn't valid on the grounds of one or more defects. If such a finding is obtained, then a Catholic is able to remarry with the recognition of their church. A new Supreme Court ruling, however, forces Catholics to seek a secular divorce as well.
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Divorce Is Hard, But Must We Make It So Ugly?

As adults we want to discipline our children and set them on the right path so that they can be successful in life. We teach them values like honesty, forgiveness, tolerance and, above all, to do the right thing. However, in a marriage gone sour or in a divorce we seem to forget all that we taught the children. In fact we behave like extremely spoilt whiny brats who can't look beyond their own nose.