5 Reasons Why PR Can Finally Take The Lead In The Digital World

"In the digital world, PR agencies will have a much larger play." This statement by Amitabh Kant, the CEO NITI Aayog, at a recent public relations and communications awards gathering, received thunderous applause from the audience. He said what everyone there wanted to hear. This is precisely what most PR agencies have being vying for since the time digital media took the communications industry by storm. And here’s why I think it’s time for PR’s time in the sun.
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The Future Of Words

Purists can roll their eyeballs as much as they may like. But clearly a new future is at our doorstep. Yes, even in India. The word, the original written word, is definitely not dead or irrelevant. But it is certainly stepping with the times, learning to interact and collaborate, shorten or lengthen, become singular or multi-format. It is creating new experiences for a new generation of readers, news consumers and online learners.

5 Ways For Brands To Crack The Millennial Code

When a segment of consumers numbers 700 million, they are no long just relevant. They set the tone for the market. That is the number of millennials in India today. For a brand to be successful today, it has to be favoured and backed by the millennials. In fact, you're more likely to win the lottery than have your brand make a mark without their acceptance.

No Hassle, No Queues: How The Internet of Things Can Transform The Way You Shop

Beacon technology is the disruptive technology that will bring about this 'Omni-channel customer experience'. It uses tiny battery-powered low energy Bluetooth devices that are installed across all sections of a store and even outside in the general shopping area. These devices communicate with each other and with apps on passing mobile devices. This communication leads to a richer in-store experience by informing passing shoppers about offers and sales personalised to their preferences.
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4 Trends That Could Change The Way Businesses Work

Gartner, the IT consulting major, said at a recent conference that a digital disruption to business is occurring approximately every three years. Current discussions at the World Economic Forum on the 4th Industrial Revolution also speak on similar lines. However, this article is not about digitisation, per se. Rather, it is on how I believe these factors may change the way we look at, and measure, our businesses, whether as an owner or as an employee.