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Brand Stories Are Co-Created, Not Just Told

Consumers today don't just receive the story being written and disseminated by the custodians of a brand. Despite the clutter of established and emerging brands in every sub-segment, consumers are able to identify what a brand stands for. Not what a marketer communicates, but the sum total of what the consumers understand and experience, how they endorse or communicate about a brand. Consequently, consumers are happy to script their own stories of what a brand means...

The Micro-Moments That Matter To Marketers

Micro-moments are what every marketer is talking about today--those moments of intent in the lives of consumers, where they want to know, go or buy immediately and without any delay. Economic success is determined by the ability of intelligent platforms to curate these interactions and the ability of marketers to capitalize on and convert a multitude of such moments, every moment.
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4 Killer Tips for Successful Digital Marketing in 2016

Standing at the beginning of 2016, it is perhaps the best time to sit and analyse what you can accomplish in the coming 365 days. For a digital marketer, it usually means mulling over their strategies, implementing quick tactics so as to make some good progress on their digital marketing campaigns. So how can you be successful in your digital marketing efforts in 2016? Here are four easy things you can do to help improve your business.
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2015: Digital Way Forward

Before crafting the budget of fiscal year 2015, brands must first understand the latest digital marketing trends, including the use of technology to leverage search and social data. The success of today's marketing organisations is largely driven by their adoption of digital technologies to transform their business.