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Titans Of Tech Abroad, Wimps At Home: Can We Meet These 10 Challenges Of Going Digital?

While heavyweight blue-chip Indian tech companies are busy staging digital revolutions in offshore markets, our digital infrastructure back at home remains a crumbling sub-optimal affair. But even as conversations on going digital start to increasingly mainstream, there are questions on how exactly does one go about it? For the digital opportunity, it seems, is riddled with a veritable minefield of dilemmas and challenges.
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The Contradictions Of India's Development - A Personal View

It has been slightly more than two decades since India opened up its economy to the world. During this period, rapid economic growth in areas such as software services and trade has created a lot of wealth. Yet, contradictions abound. Everywhere in India -- even its glitziest hotels and ostentatious shopping malls -- abject poverty is only a stone's throw away, just around the corner if not right outside.