Dhaka Attack


Our Schools Are Partly Responsible For The Popularity Of Zakir Naik And His Ilk

The immense appeal of Zakir Naik's demagoguery, especially among articulate, seemingly educated folks who hail him as an intellectual, is a symptom of an affliction that is not confined to the Muslim community alone. The real problem is that our education system is churning out millions of literate number crunchers, code writers and paper pushers, but lays little emphasis on critical thinking.

Was The Media Cavalier In Its Coverage Of The Dhaka Massacre?

By now, the whole world has been shaken by the massacre at Holey Artisan Bakery in Dhaka, Bangladesh. This is not a chronicle of the death toll or the supposedly successful operation by the Bangladesh Army Commandos; rather, this one is about the press and the wave of backlash they earned in the aftermath of their reportage of the ordeal.