Dylan Mohan Gray

My Mother, The (Shameless) Refugee

My mother and her family eventually made it to Germany, supposedly their "homeland", but in fact a devastated country, bombed into rubble, where those lucky enough to have made it through the war were now embroiled in a daily struggle to stay alive. Arriving refugees from "the east", were universally despised and often subjected to violent attacks. My mother described being repeatedly spat upon, ostracised, mercilessly beaten up and told to "go home".
Yoann JEZEQUEL Photography via Getty Images

Sunshine In Copenhagen

The sun goes with us wherever we Indians go - or at least I proved this to be right on my recent trip to Copenhagen. Till a few days ago I was staring at the Accuweather symbols of cloud and rain casting their shadow over my dates. I had packed long sleeved shirts, a wind cheater and a fleece. And here I am sitting in an open boat, sailing down the canal at New Harbour (Nyhavn), with the hot sun beating down on my head (thank god for my glares) and watching the Danes rejoice at the first day of sunshine in 2015.