Delhi Elections


Delhi Elections: The BJP And The Wages of Arrogance

While the AAP success in Delhi hogs all the headlines, the most intriguing story is that of the BJP, which managed to lose a king's ransom (29 out of the 32 seats it had won last time) and that too across all demographic divisions. It won not a single segment of the Delhi electorate. Why did two-thirds of Delhi's 13 million voters turn their backs on the Lotus?
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Can The AAP Survive Its Own Contradictions?

This brings us to a complicated territory because the baggage of the AAP is like a real "Bhanumati ka pitara". Rummage and you will find elements from people's movements that have been long opposed to neoliberal policies on one hand, and those embedded in a neoliberal worldview on the other. So, there is Medha Patkar fighting against neoliberal appropriation of people's rights over jal-jungle-jameen and then there is also Arvind Kejriwal assuring industrialists that the AAP is not against capitalism as such but only against "crony capitalism".

For This Victory, AAP Has Modi To Thank For

The resounding victory of the AAP owes more to the BJP's backfired strategies than anything else. For one, the BJP trotted out newly elected BJP MPs of various hues to address the people of Delhi. The people were exposed to the likes of Sakshi Maharaj and Union Minister Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti who addressed rallies even after her controversial hate speech in Dwarka. That was enough to repel the middle classes, who despite their mandate for the BJP in the Lok Sabha elections took a U-turn back to the AAP. Thanks from AAP should go to Amit Shah in this regard. But it is to Prime Minister Modi that they owe their greatest debt of gratitude.

Congratulations Arvind, Here Are 10 Things You Must Remember In Victory

Now our responsibility of giving you another chance to fulfil your unfulfilled promises is complete. It is a mission accomplished. During this arduous course, we have invested our time, energy and resources. We lost friends and made enemies. We were ridiculed for supporting you for your past 'mistakes'. It is now your responsibility to make us proud. As you start your journey afresh, I wish to give you a 10-point cheat sheet.