Why We Need To Accept That Omar Mateen Was Not Just Another Muslim Terrorist

We must be careful of how we set the discourse on the Orlando massacre. Very evidently, Omar Mateen wasn't the simple Kalashnikov-toting, vest-wearing Muslim terrorist that most of us are familiar with. While the dominant narrative serves to highlight the proliferating global appeal of the Islamic State's virulent ideology, it not only subdues a vital discussion on Mateen's chequered personal history but also conveniently diverts the popular narrative from the stark reality of the severe discrimination and bigotry that the queer community confronts on an everyday basis.

Frankly Speaking: A Sureshot Way To Lose Your Social Media Friends

If you are tired of being a like enthusiast on Facebook or the "hahaha good one" Samaritan on Twitter, start sharing your beliefs on religion and politics. This is a foolproof method to awaken the dormant Arnab Goswami in your dearest online friends. Beliefs are like the softest, most worn-out T-shirt that you've held on to for years. Slipping into it is the closest we feel to our mother's womb. So, when an opinionated cretin's grating voice, such as yours, infiltrates their warm cocoon, their inner Arnab comes out.