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These Films Show How Sending Doctors To Villages Isn't The Cure For Rural India

"Send doctors to villages" is the splendidly preposterous yet most commonly proffered answer to the burning sociopolitical question: How to ensure good quality healthcare in villages? A character aptly said in 3 Idiots that people often need to be shown "demos", and that is what I will try here. Using instances from some popular films, I will attempt to explain why exactly, in current circumstances, the knee-jerk "send doctors to villages" is an ineffective solution to rural healthcare challenges.
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Falling In Love - The 1990's Way

A lot was said with ink on paper. The moon and the stars featured a lot in love notes hidden amongst notebooks. Love and romance in my days may have been slow, tedious, and 'Bollywood-ish', but it was the way it ought to be, intense, over-powering, enduring, and at times, dramatic. Lovebirds longed to be with each other (in person and not online with a green dot next to their names), wrote to each other, and stole secret moments out of their days to be with each other.