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Why The Supreme Court Should Not Apply Brakes On Aadhaar

The Supreme Court of India has dealt a severe blow to the Government of India's efforts to transfer welfare payments under the Direct Benefits Transfer (DBT) scheme to Aadhaar-linked bank accounts. This, it was hoped, would facilitate timely payments and also for preventing misuse of funds, especially by middlemen. In fact, DBT became a game changer in India, as lakhs of people, especially living in rural India, who never had a bank account, have benefited from Aadhaar-linked bank accounts.
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Puducherry In A Unique JAM

It is more than a tad surprising that of the only two cities that the Food Ministry chose to conduct "pilots" to replace the public distribution system's (PDS) subsidized foodgrains with cash - this affluent former French colony is one. Bafflingly, the über planned Chandigarh designed by Le Corbusier is the other. But does it make any sense to test the replicability of cash transfers, across the expanse of India, only in the best-case scenario?