Dalit Student Suicide


WATCH: PhD Candidate Who Filmed Viral Video Of Police Attacking Students Speaks Out

On 30 January, the day Rohith Vemula would have turned 27, students from different universities came together at Ambedkar Bhavan to conduct a march, in continuance of the nationwide demand for justice. Sanghapali Aruna Lohitakshi, a PhD student from JNU, was also present with her camera, trying to document the protest march. But what her camera ended up capturing instead is a tale of brutal state violence against students. This is what she has to say about the experience.

The Non-Dalit's Guide To Debating Meaningfully About Caste

Debates on caste, discrimination and privilege are playing out on Facebook, Twitter, Quora, Reddit and even Instagram. It's heartbreaking that a bright, young man -- Rohith Vemula -- had to commit suicide for us to pay heed to caste-based injustices, but still, this is a conversation that has been long overdue. So, if you are non-Dalit and are considering jumping into the deep end of these debates, hold on and read this first.

How To Kill A Dalit Research Scholar

In the vicious logic of caste hierarchy, the "Dalit research scholar" is an oxymoron, an unwelcome pollutant in the site of excellence that is the university. Rohith Vemula's letter to the Vice Chancellor of the University of Hyderabad (UoH), shortly before his suicide, dubs this the "Dalit problem", offering a caustic "solution" for the "problem" in the shape of mercy killing for Dalit scholars.