Dalit Student Rohith Vemula


How To Kill A Dalit Research Scholar

In the vicious logic of caste hierarchy, the "Dalit research scholar" is an oxymoron, an unwelcome pollutant in the site of excellence that is the university. Rohith Vemula's letter to the Vice Chancellor of the University of Hyderabad (UoH), shortly before his suicide, dubs this the "Dalit problem", offering a caustic "solution" for the "problem" in the shape of mercy killing for Dalit scholars.
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The Continuing Harassment Of Radhika Vemula Must Stop

Rohith Vemula left his body in protest against caste discrimination in Hyderabad Central University. While many in the country mourn the loss of the brilliant young man, the casteist state media is smelling blood and going after Rohith's family, in particular his mother Radhika. Here, I want to focus on the specific forms of violence that Radhika has endured and how that is reflective of the experience of Dalit women.
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Today, I'm Coming Out As Dalit

Rohith Vemula, the Dalit scholar from Hyderabad Central University who took his own life on 17 January, wanted to write about the stars. In life, his education was an act of rebellion. In death, he blazed a trail on Dalit rights, whose brightness refuses to be ignored. By the media, by the bureaucracy, by the internet and by me. I was born in a Dalit family in Ajmer, Rajasthan. And I grew up learning to hide it.
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Comrade Rohith Vemula Was Not A Coward. He Was The Bravest Man I Knew

Comrade Rohith was a popular face, recognised for being a Dalit Marxist activist and a known scholar who bagged the UGC JRF twice and NET thrice. He was an exceptional human being, one who could've been a pride for this institute in coming years. Yet, his own state, his own institute conspired to kill him. His death cannot be considered as an outcome of a depressed mind, but as a strong political statement.