Dadri Violence

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Why India Needs A Shadow Cabinet

Fiery sloganeering against the government might make for good television, but it doesn't help in enforcing accountability on the government for its primary job of governance. What India needs is a coherent and informative voice from the opposition in Parliament on issues of policy and governance. The answer: a shadow cabinet.

Modi's Selling A Dream But We're Living A Nightmare

A few days ago, the Indian Prime Minister was busy promoting India as a nation of opportunities to Silicon Valley, urging the corporate giants there to invest in India. Make India digital, he roared. Within hours, Indians responded to their leader by jazzing up their Facebook profile pictures with a tricolour filter. The whole world took notice of a "modern", "upcoming", and "enterprising" India. Around the same time, back home, the other face of India was about to raise its ugly head.
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Murder Of Logic (And Rise Of Religious Totalitarianism) In My Backyard

I have read many news articles and opinion pieces reporting on the murder of 50-year-old Mohammad Akhlaq, all condemning in their tone -- who wouldn't be, hate crimes are, after all, offensive to the Indian Liberal's sensibilities -- but not one has tried to deeply question and/or understand the ideological problems with religious totalitarianism. Communal violence goes beyond criminal acts by individual or groups. And, even though this incident looks like a spontaneous act on the face of it, we have to ask, are there greater forces at play here?