Cyber Security

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Unlicensed Software Could Make You A Target Of Cyber Attacks

Companies leave themselves exposed to significant cyber risk by not addressing the use of unlicensed software on their computer networks. According to the Global Software Survey by BSA|The Software Alliance, many CIOs simply don't know how much software employees are installing on company networks. CIOs estimate that 15% of their employees load software on the network without their company's knowledge -- however, nearly double that percentage of workers say they are loading software on the network that their company doesn't know about.
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The Case For An International Convention On Cyberlaw

In the face of rising cybercrimes and threats, there is a pressing need to have in place an International Convention on Cyberlaw and Cyber-Security. Currently, nothing of the sort exists. Such a convention is essential in order to ensure that the world, as a collective whole, responds to the challenges of cybercrime, cyber-security breaches and cyber-terrorism which threaten to impact the very existence of the internet and violate the sovereignty, security and integrity of nations across the globe.

Now On Tap: Why You Shouldn't Leak Too Much To Google's Latest Feature

Google's latest offering to the world, Now on Tap, promises to be a game changer for smartphone users. A seemingly simple app that practically "reads" all that is there on your screen and provides more information based on the content. Hail contextual search! This feature works across apps, emails, texts or music platforms. While this may seem awesome for the regular smartphone user and almost orgasmic for a hard-core developer, it is a potential time bomb as far as data security and user privacy are concerned.

Cyber Nani Decodes Cyber Theft Jargon

With all the fancy new words and jargon flying around these days, it gets quite difficult at times to actually understand what is being said. I mean what does "Enable HTTP over SSL" mean? Even in my a...