Cricket World Cup


Why Most Of Us Have Forgotten How To Think For Ourselves

Consider the following scenarios: You wake up in the morning and reach out for your smart phone to see the latest news updates, the content of your mailboxes, your Facebook feed stream, the tweets that matter. At work, you must focus your thoughts completely on finishing the project that lies before you --solutions, crises, conversations, meetings etc. Some may repeat the routine once more when back into their sanctuary or may rely on the Internet to provide their next thinking cues.

Why India Has The Upper Hand In The Sunday Contest With Pakistan

More than a billion people will be tuned in to the action in Adelaide on Sunday and roads in Pakistan and India will be empty of traffic for the seven hours that the teams square up against each other, following the action on their TV sets, on radio, on their smartphones, or elsewhere. The emotional pitch of an India-Pakistan cricket match is extraordinarily high for reasons that go way beyond the contest between bat and ball. The geo-socio-political history of the sub-continent gives it several other dimensions that refuse to be restricted to sport.