Cricket World Cup 2015


New Zealand's Neverland, Where Anything Is Possible

In a country obsessed with the oval ball, cricketers have rarely enjoyed the same kind of status. But over the past six weeks, as eight straight wins - including a thrilling one-wicket triumph over Australia at Eden Park - have taken New Zealand's cricketers where they've never gone before, perceptions have shifted just a little.

In Tendulkar's Shadow

Yes, I suggest to you that this is what Tendulkar's burden did to us Indian fans. It stripped from us some of the pure joy of the game of cricket. It told us that a match must end, one way or another, in Indian triumph. It persuaded us that our Indian-ness was measured by how fervently we wished for India to win. It managed, over the years, to tie patriotism to a mere sport.

What Indian Fans Can Expect From World Cup 2015

In my opinion, the best way to approach a World Cup is to 'expect the unexpected'. Cricket, as the cliché goes, can make even the best reader of the game look foolish with its glorious uncertainties. In limited overs cricket, differences between teams narrows down even further, making any firm prediction loaded with danger.