5 Reasons Why PR Can Finally Take The Lead In The Digital World

"In the digital world, PR agencies will have a much larger play." This statement by Amitabh Kant, the CEO NITI Aayog, at a recent public relations and communications awards gathering, received thunderous applause from the audience. He said what everyone there wanted to hear. This is precisely what most PR agencies have being vying for since the time digital media took the communications industry by storm. And here’s why I think it’s time for PR’s time in the sun.

B For Blockchain, C For Content, D For Do They Work Together?

A payment infrastructure like Blockchain makes it possible to trust and transact with anyone in the world in real-time without any intermediary (like a bank). So if I really like what Seth Godin has written, or what Arianna Huffington has written, or what Malcolm Gladwell has written and want to pay them in some way, I should be able to do it in a single currency and they should be able to receive and use that currency for anything they wish to buy!