Diwali Can Be A Deadly Drug

The increasingly frequent blasts slicing the blanketed murmur of nature during this Diwali reminded me of what this festival has come to be equated with—noise. Not the pleasant kind, but the kin...

Amazon's Aur Dikhao Ad: All Show, No Tell

Amazon India's new "Aur Dikhao" (Show Me More) ad campaign has generated quite a lot of buzz, most of it quite positive. The ad is amusing enough and its purpose seems straightforward - highlight the variety of products available on Amazon India in a way that connects with the Indian psyche. But there is a more subtle message if you can manage to tune out the jingle and urgent imagery.
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Buying A Smartphone Was Bad For My Ego

In this era of new models of mobile phones, confessing an allegiance to an old trusty device brings a moment of dark comedy. Your colleague or friend might give you an icy stare, others might smile sarcastically or comment on how you aren't keeping up with the changing times. I, therefore, decided to replace my old phone with a new 'smart' one that respects the popular sentiments of the people around. This hints at a deeper narrative that we live in an era where society is bullied by market goodies.