Let's Not Be Fooled By The BJP's Good Cop-Bad Cop Routine

Prime Minister Modi has tried to brand himself as a liberal, urbane and patrician politician who stands for development and against strident communalism. In short, he likes to play "good cop". Simultaneously, certain legislators of his party (personified by Yogi Adityanath and his ilk) play bad cop by spewing vitriolic rhetoric against Pakistan and fanning communal passions through issues like beef, love jihad and ghar wapsi. One sells the dream of an economically resurgent India and the other panders to the xenophobic and communalistic sentiments of the majority community.
Hindustan Times via Getty Images

Chetan Bhagat And The Anatomy of A Bigot

I recently had the dubious pleasure of reading Chetan Bhagat's Times of India blog post on the "Anatomy of a liberal". The style of his piece is as frothy as ever, though sadly a little short on credible detail. The crux of Chetan Bhagat's argument, perhaps, is that India's liberal class is great at taking umbrage. There is much to take umbrage at right now. There is a rising feeling of intolerance -- towards dissent, towards resistance, and towards alternative belief systems -- a wave ably represented by Bhagat's article.