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The Colours Of Meaning

It's clear that colours are imbued with meaning, based on context, culture and time. But I want to pause for a minute and ask the reverse question: is it that colours have meaning, or is it meaning that we ascribe colour to? Why, and how? Take the cacophony surrounding intolerance in the country right now. How do some people ascribe saffron to right wing intolerance? And how do some others imbue extremism with the colour green?

Why We Must Embrace Our True Colours

It don't matter if you are black or white... Thus went the famous song by MJ. Here in India, it is more like light brown or dark brown. And it matters. A lot. . If you're a darker shade of brown, you were probably the recipient of derogatory comments almost as soon as your mommy popped you out. If you are lighter skinned, you would have heard paeans in praise of your "beauty".
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Why Red Is The Colour of Passion... And Fashion

Red is one of those unafraid colours whose strength I admire. It is my favourite. My Collections and my evening wardrobe are more than fifty-percent red: I follow Bill Blass's mantra: "When in doubt, wear red". I am sallow and skinny and the colour red makes all the difference to the way I look on a good day. Even my favourite pair of shoes is red satin peep-toes. They lift the spirit of my dullest outfits. Red can be classy, it can be slutty and it can be somewhere in between.