CHICAGO - NOVEMBER 04: U.S. President elect Barack Obama embraces his daughter Malia after Obama gave his victory speech during an election night gathering in Grant Park on November 4, 2008 in Chicago, Illinois. Obama defeated Republican nominee Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) by a wide margin in the election to become the first African-American U.S. President elect. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Obama's Story About Taking Malia To College Will Tug At Your Heartstrings

Almost ten years ago, when Barack Obama first entered the White House, Malia was just 10 years old. Today, she's a 19-year-old Harvard freshman, and that first day of school was a tough one for Dad. T...

Next Step: Free-Fall

With people landing placements and internships, and talking about GREs, I know it's already begun. Things are changing. And a lot of us find ourselves trying to hold onto something familiar, something comfortable. Personally, it took me long enough to get accustomed to college to begin with, and now I'm expected to trade that in for something entirely new.