Cold War

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Religion Unites Us, Fundamentalism Divides Us

The thing that unites us into an Indian identity, among others, is our shared element of deep-seated religiousness whatever be its outward colour or form. Indians are religious people. Religiousness is in the Indian air. Religiousness as a part of our national consciousness provides, inter alia the unity of commonality underlying the supernatant diversity. That which divides is fanaticism of different varieties.
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How To Tell If You Are A Character In A Le Carré Novel

You are male, English and went to a public school which you hated intensely. If you happen to be a woman, you are either an impoverished, aristocratic brunette with an unsatisfactory father and a yen for saving the world or an arthritic Oxford don with a photographic memory and a past spent in Her Majesty's Secret Service. You are a spymaster. You are probably a "small, frog-like figure in glasses", "an earnest, worried little man" and by appearance "one of London's meek who do not inherit the earth".