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Why Kashmir's Obsession With the Civil Services Is An Unhealthy Trend

It's a pity to see the most capable of our society being consumed in the wilderness of India's babudom, when they could've tried to explore better options internationally. That would've been more rewarding for them as individuals and for Kashmir as a whole. I find it quite logical when I say I want to see the best and brightest of Kashmir to prove their mettle in international competitive exams, rather than restricting themselves to serving the Indian administration.
Ankur Dauneria via Getty Images

‘Foundational Violence': What Really Happens When Kashmiris Join The Civil Services

In the Kashmir Valley, a heated debate is on about Kashmiris joining the Indian administrative services. For a people who resist the Indian yoke, every time a Kashmiri qualifies for the Indian or even the Kashmir Administrative Service (KAS), it becomes a point of acute reflection. So how does one comprehend Kashmiris entering the civil services, which in Kashmir has become tantamount to being hand in glove with the Indian state? Among my several professional avatars, I once also qualified for the KAS...