40 Years On, ‘The Passenger' Offers Lessons In Distance

In a conversation with Renee Epstein in 1975, Michelangelo Antonioni, the Italian virtuoso and director of The Passenger brings up dramatist Luigi Pirandello. The playwright was once asked, "Why does that character behave like that?" To which, Pirandello had replied, "I don't know why, I'm only the author." This brand of detachment -- a kind of curious standoffishness from his subject, is often exercised by Antonioni himself. via Getty Images

31 Films In 7 Days: Here's How My MAMI 2015 Experience Went

And when we arrived at our very own list of festival winners, my eyes gleamed with joy as I observed that I had managed to catch all the films that people mentioned as their favorites. And my personal top three also happened to be the three most loved films of the festival that everyone's added scores resulted to. For those who missed MAMI 2015, here's our 'weeks of hard work' summarized for you in a three-point list.
Abhishek Poddar via Getty Images

Why Bollywood Needs To Make More Historical & Biographical Movies

History and biography are two significant genres which mainstream Indian cinema (Bollywood) has almost consistently neglected. Not that other genres have been represented well; we have very few noteworthy fantasy, science or sports movies. But when a deep-rooted, vibrant and impactful medium like cinema cannot do justice to the history and people of its exceptional country, that perhaps doesn't augur well for society.