Rita Banerji

Photo Essay: I'm Dreaming Of A Calcutta Christmas...

For Calcutta, Christmas is an event where the city celebrates its centuries-old history and its multitudes of immigrant communities, cultures and religions in a manner that they retain their uniqueness, even as they blend, seamlessly, into one big celebration. It's an experience I've not witnessed with any other religious festival in India or anywhere else. It is this joy I share here with a set of pictures I took as I went around the city yesterday, enjoying its pre-Christmas celebration.

8 Lessons Singing Taught Me

Why do I love singing so much? Why do I wrap up work and hurry every Thursday for choir practice? Why do I wake up early on a Sunday morning when I can catch up on some much needed sleep till noon, and go to Church in the evening instead? I love singing, no doubt. But why rang out the chorus.