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Yuji Sakai via Getty Images

Rebalancing With India: The Race For Influence In The Asia-Pacific

The US is keen on leveraging its strategic partnership with India -- a growing Asian economic, military and geo-political power -- in balancing the rise of China in the larger Indo-Pacific domain. The first American President to have visited India twice during his tenure, Barack Obama has been committed to forging deeper cooperation with India, which he calls a 21st-century centre of influence.

Creating Jobs In A Changing World: Why India Cannot Follow in China's Footsteps

India envies China, which, by growing a huge manufacturing industry -- employing hundreds of millions of persons making almost everything from low-end toys to high-speed trains -- has lifted hundreds of millions of people out of poverty, much faster than India has. Prime Minister Modi's government has launched several programs for India to catch up: Make in India, Stand Up Start Up India and Skills India. However, India will have to follow a very different strategy to China's.