Child Sexual Abuse


How To Tell Family Members About Being Abused As A Child

While talking with such family members may be good for reclaiming your voice, if you are not ready and have not created a strong support group for yourself, it may even derail your healing journey. Speaking to them before you have done the ground work may result in you focussing on your abuser or your family members, rather than work on your healing. You will need to be patient and build a solid foundation before taking this difficult course of action.

Deciding To Heal From Child Sexual Abuse, Part I

Child sexual abuse can affect every aspect of your life but it may be difficult to say exactly how it may have damaged you: perhaps it caused your lack of self-confidence, your issues with trust and boundaries, challenges when it comes to intimate relationships, your sexuality and/or your difficulties with parenting.
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5 Ways To Keep Your Kids Safe Online

With the proliferation of new technologies and social media apps, it seems these days as if our children are almost constantly online, and as parents/guardians we sometimes have a tough time keeping pace. How can we ensure that we are as good parenting online, as we are offline? Use these five tips to educate, empower and protect yourself, as well as your children, to have safer and more meaningful online experiences.
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5 Things To Do If Your Partner Discloses He/She Was Sexually Abused As A Child

You may have just been told by your partner that he or she was sexually abused in childhood. You may have been suspecting this for a while. The world, as you know it, is reeling, and worse, you may know, and even like, the perpetrator, if it was a family member Remember that you must see your partner's disclosure in a positive light: they are entrusting you with a very private part of their life. What should you do to honour that trust and help in the healing journey?