Chennai Floods

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5 Blind Spots That Are Blocking Solutions To India's Water Crisis

There is definitely a crisis of water in India. But it is always articulated within the narrow confines of 'shortfall' and 'scarcity'. We are ignoring the fact there is a serious crisis of management, of over-consumption, pollution and worse, glaring inequity of water access by the poor. With World Water Day (March 22) around the corner, we'd like to ignore the scaremongering about the world running out of water, and ask instead if along with water, wisdom to manage it is also in short supply.
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WATCH: How Chennai Volunteers Made 1.7 Lakh Food Boxes In 90 Hours

When the Chennai floods hit, restaurant owner Santosh decided to help by cooking a big batch of food for those in need. Word spread and volunteers began arriving in droves to help out. Together, working for straight 90 hours, they cooked, packed and distributed 1.7 lakh boxes of food. In the time when nothing seemed certain, these 300 people decided to choose hope and action. Watch their inspiring story in this short video.
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Why Chennai Might Be The Right Place For Me To Live

As I sat on the first floor of the guest house in Chennai, looking outside my window and seeing the water levels rise, the number of cars travelling across the street go down and the stillness of the water now quickly becoming covered with moving trash, I paid particular attention to the locals walking by. There were smiles, there was laughing, there was friendship.

Things We All Learned In The Chennai Floods

Everyone knew that their story was bad, and that there were others whose stories and fears were worse. Everyone knew someone whose house had water to the ceiling. No joke. Ceiling. Yes. That's what happens when river water needs somewhere to go. Everyone, even if their home was not flooded, realised that you really do have to get along with your neighbours, especially those whose generators had diesel or whose invertors had juice.