Charlie Hebdo

The ‘Charlie Hebdo' Conundrum

On the anniversary of the attack that killed most of the staff in its Paris office, French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdopublished a controversial special edition featuring on its cover a sketch of a bearded, bloodstained God-like feature in sandals with a Kalashnikov slung over his shoulder, accompanied by the headline, "One year on: the killer is still at large". The Vatican has raised strong objections to the depiction, triggering yet another debate on the magazine's brand of satire.

Charlie Hebdo And Making A Caricature Of Tragedy

This time, you took it too far, Charlie Hebdo. Your cartoons made me sick. They make me question where your sense of humour was when the two brothers stormed into your office and killed your colleagues? Where did the satire dissolve then? That incident was not funny. Nor is this one. A dead child is a stain on our souls. It is not something to caricature but is a grim reminder of what we failed to do for Alan Kurdi.
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In Wars, We Treat Heroes As Mascots And Suffering As Statistics

In wars the suffering of individuals is often forgotten. If not forgotten then it is subsumed into broader and more general narratives that use individuals merely as examples to illustrate particular points of view. The atrocities, the grief, the destruction, the turmoil, the instability, the shock, the blood and the unpredictability all become distant statistics, comments in newspapers, parts of TV discussions or points in arguments to make a case against war or for that matter for war.

The World Order Is Changing, And How

In the meanwhile, for West, it means living life on the edge, constantly looking over their shoulders, tighten security, screen and weed out illegal immigrants, and try to make peace with the adversary, without compromising on the basic fundamental rights and principles, which have stood the test of time.

Are We All Blindly Saying Je Suis Charlie

The second context is for the benefit of those people who think that Muslim societies spontaneously give birth to death-loving and world-hating sociopaths who are bred to kill innocent people. As much as certain sections of the Muslim world are to blame for the proliferation of misguided militants, certain European countries and indeed America are as accountable.

I am not Charlie Hebdo

I am a journalist based in Karachi, Pakistan. I am part of a news organisation that was attacked by militants thrice in 2014 for its stance on extremism and militancy. Gunmen pelted our office entrance with bullets, threw grenades at the building and attacked an office news van on assignment. Three people lost their lives while another was injured and paralysed for life. But you do not know this and you probably never will.