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How To Give So You Get Back: Charities And Tax Exemptions

Your good deed in donating to a charity will not go without reaping you rich rewards, not only in metaphysical terms but also financially. In India, the Income Tax Act has certain provisions which offer tax benefits to donors in order to encourage more philanthropic donations. One such section is Section 80G, with its different sub-sections. However, availing of tax benefits is subject to certain conditions. Here are a few pointers.
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The Flip Side Of Charity And The Charitable

Charity is a personal choice. My choice might be as inconsequential as going to the children's home and telling them a story, or simply helping a student out beyond the classroom. A friend's choice involves getting regularly late for work since she invariably finds herself stopping the car to put the stray pups safely away from the traffic. But these are our choices. They are not big. They are not path-breaking, but they are ours.