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The Beauty Of Being Open To The ‘Other'

I have conversed with a bar dancer on an airplane, exchanged a Happy Sabbath greeting with a religious man in Jerusalem, listened to a preacher speak about the different archangels, conversed with a chaiwalla by the Ganges about the sacred rivers of India, shared a laugh with a monk and climbed mountains with adventurers. Strangers have revealed their story and I've shared mine. I have been welcome joyously every time I put aside my limited understanding of the world and embraced the uniquely different.

Letting Go Of The Fear Of Change

If change is the only constant, why are we so scared of it? With every passing moment our cells are dividing to make way for something new. It is not wrong to say that the existing order thrives on the brink of change. Yet, the greatest paradox is that although we know life is in a constant state of flux, society and we ourselves are always seeking stability.
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Get Rid Of The Voices In Your Head

You were taught obedience, you were taught to say yes to everything your elders were saying to you. You were taught that you have to follow whatever your teachers or your priests are doing. Nobody ever told you to search for your own voice; nobody asked you, "Have you got any voice of your own or not?" So your voice has remained very subdued and other voices are very loud, very commanding, because they were orders and you had followed them -- in spite of yourself.
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Confessions Of A Divorced Single Mother

If you are a woman, your life is continuously under some sort of a scanner. A mother's every move is viewed in HD. To this you add the fact that you are a divorced single mother, and every person thinks they have the right to examine your life with a microscope. Suddenly every person is an expert on you and your child's life. That is the life I live, and do so with pride. It is not a bad life, but there are a few confessions I would like to make.
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Why Travel Transforms You

Once you know there is more to the world than you previously imagined, you cannot go back. You wonder what it means to be really alive. Travelling sets you free from the things you thought you couldn't live without, having found new things, indispensable to you: dreams and a passionate spirit.