Centers For Disease Control And Prevention

A cattle carcass is pictured on the Agropil ranch as the Pilcomayo river faces its worst drought in almost two decades, in Boqueron, on the border between Paraguay and Argentina, July 3, 2016. REUTERS/Jorge Adorno TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY

Climate Change Is Already A Public Health Crisis, Top Medical Journal Says

Climate change is already taking a major toll on public health and threatening to reverse progress made over the past century in combatting infectious diseases, according to one of the world's oldest...

Combat Swine Flu by Going Vegan

You can't get swine flu from eating "properly handled and prepared pork" or avian flu from "properly handled and cooked poultry and eggs", which means that all bets may be off with regard to pork and poultry products that are improperly handled accidentally. As long as people eat meat and eggs, they'll continue to put all of us at risk of contracting swine-origin influenza viruses, avian flu and other potentially deadly illnesses.