Mir Suhail Qadiri

‘Facebook Took Away My Right To Free Speech By Deleting Afzal Guru Cartoon'

Mir Suhail Qadiri, a 26-year-old cartoonist with the Srinagar-based publication Rising Kashmir is disturbed over Facebook's removal of his cartoon on the hanging of alleged militant Afzal Guru. This, he says, is a blatant attempt to put an end to the debate over the controversial execution. Although wary of making any overt political statement, Qadiri adds that Guru was a militant for some and a martyr for others. "Through my cartoon, I wanted to take the debate to the world. It was a question I asked through my art."

5 Factors That May Spoil The Show For Netflix In India

Netflix's much-anticipated foray into India is here, a big addition to the company's empire of 190 countries and counting. Netflix also reports that it has added more than 17 million subscribers in just 12 months. But while this underlines the growing popularity of the video on demand (VOD) market across the globe, will Netflix will be able to replicate its success elsewhere in India?