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Ishrat Jahan Case: A Study In Obfuscation

With fresh information emerging about a botched enquiry, the Ishrat Jahan case has once again become the focus of media attention and political controversy. Whether or not the latest round of controversy has any substantial basis remains to be seen, but what the political squabbles have definitely achieved is diverting our attention from what the case is actually about.

Sorry Bollywood, The Truth About Azhar Lies in His Own Confessions

For the last 10 years, the silence of a pliant media, BCCI and cricketing community allowed Azhar to do all the talking. And unlike before, when the in-depth analysis on Azhar's CBI confessions were only available in the print media or nascent Indian internet, the "improved" version of his story has reached a much wider audience, thanks to increasing social media penetration and rent-a-mob Twitter and Facebook fans. Now, before the film Azhar becomes the pinnacle of his attempt to rewrite the story, it's time to dust off some facts.