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5 Ways Of Raising Funds for Cancer Treatment

Cancer is indiscriminate in its choosing. Every year, 11,20,000 people are diagnosed with cancer in India. Almost half of this number succumbs to this disease, with only 30% of cancer patients being able to afford necessary treatment. Lack of funds often leads to hopelessness and many just give up. The need of the hour is to make the best of available resources.

BJP Attacks On Shah Rukh Are Costing Modi His NRI Fans

US-based Indians who swore by Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government and gave him rock star welcomes during his visits here are now being forced to re-evaluate his performance. They are finally asking themselves the hard-hitting questions. What is India becoming under Modi? Why are these ministers talking like this? Why doesn't Modi ever condemn their remarks? Does he agree with them?
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Responsible Tourism In Dharavi

Dharavi, like many other slums, mirrors our own social prejudices and stereotypes of poverty. By making up our minds about the lives of its people, we aren't just ignoring their voices, we're stripping them of the agency they deserve. The one-dimensional lens of the tourism industry doesn't help either.