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'No Girlfriend, No Tension': Horse Sense (And Humour) On The Highway

Ours is one hell of an interesting country. It seems like the entire breed of Indians are oozing witticisms. The proof of this can be seen on the back of cars, bikes and autorickshaws on roads. For example, I came across a delivery van, carrying huge containers of milk. Behind it was written "Dekhi yaara langh jaan de, Kitey dudh da dahi na ban jaye(Let me pass through my friend, else the milk will curdle)."
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Journeys Then And Journeys Now: Why I Miss The Heat, Dust And Highway Breakdowns

Cruising swiftly down the highway in a car that could not have been more different than my father's, I started thinking about how much things had changed since we took road trips with our parents as children. There was no air conditioning, of course, and somehow we didn't seem to mind. When (not if) the car broke down, almost always because of a broken fan-belt, we would get out and run into the wilderness...