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The Pressures And Prejudices That Working Women Must Fight

They said that education was the solution to women's problems. They said that a job, a salary and the independence that came with it would set women free from the constraints imposed by a patriarchal society. But is a job alone enough to empower women or even allow her to live her life with dignity and security? Or is it a case of jumping from the frying pan into the fire and exchanging one prison for two?
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My Three-Year Break From Work Empowered Me

As I crawl back to corporate life, I find myself reflecting on the three years' gap I took. Prior to these three years, my life was like that of any busy working woman trying hard to strike that balance. I never questioned the long hours at works--servicing big brands and being part of pitches and launches was the agenda then. But after all these years of working, there was a strong 'inner' call to slow down.
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Why Women In India have Jobs, Not Careers

Marriage is seen as the ultimate goal, not just an important milestone. With marriage, a woman ceases to be herself, losing herself in home management and the roles of wife, daughter-in-law, mother. A career is an afterthought. Many will tell you that the empowered women can make a choice between household and career, and they by their own free will choose the former. But there is a fundamental fallacy in this argument.