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Surge Pricing Is Unfair, Unethical And Unconstitutional

The surge prices charged by app-based cab services like Uber and Ola represent capitalism in its most brutal form. The message here is, "more power to the free market, leave no space for government's intervention, price regulation is an obstacle to growth, eventually leads to rationing, just let the demand and supply decide prices." So, let's apply surge pricing to hospitals. Limited beds, too many patients? Increase the price. What happens? The rich get the beds, the poor die.
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Corporate Debt And The Idea Of Poverty

India is chasing a dream of development and an idea of wealth that revolves around public policy, banks and a handful of corporations. The idea of wealth and success is pretty well defined in most minds. However, often this idea of wealth and material gain gets mixed with greed and dependency on a system of debt that can often leave a nation in a poorer state, ensuring further exclusion of the impoverished poor.
Aditya Karkera

The Great Indian Capitalist

It is important to understand that while Narendra Modi will arguably be the greatest Prime Minister of this decade, his government will be one of the worst. While Narendra Modi's vision will lead India to new realms of prosperity, his government's backwardness and conservatism will only pull his vision down into the mud.