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Gujiyas, Easter Eggs And Stable Sugar Levels... It Can Be Done

A series of festivals are just around the corner, holding the promise of gujiyas on Holi, hot cross buns on Good Friday and chocolate eggs on Easter. However, too many such indulgences and you could give your health a bit of a beating. The pounds can quickly pile on and blood sugar levels can go seriously out of whack, perhaps even triggering diabetes. Here are some strategies that will help you not only partake of festive treats but also protect your health.
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How I Healed My Relationship With Health

I spent years having a hectic relationship with health. In so many ways it can be compared with comprehending love! It's confusing, annoying, frustrating and usually leads to the same question --why can't I get through this? I started out as strong as ever but over time my relationship with health deteriorated and eventually I hit rock bottom with a completely destroyed immune system. It was while I was left picking up the pieces that I had an epiphany.