Indrajit Lahiri

Chhota Bristol: A Bar That Distills The Essence Of Kolkata

When I told one of my friends that there's a bar near Esplanade crossing, where you still get Tuborg beer for ₹115, all inclusive, all I got was a glance of disbelief. And when I said that the bar came complete with proper seating and AC, he was pretty sure I was stoned. Thus started the journey to arguably one of Kolkata's oldest and cheapest bars -- Chhota Bristol, aka Shaw Brothers.
Danish Siddiqui / Reuters

My Kolkata Nightmare: Is There No Escape For Women Trapped In The 'Syndicate Raj'?

For two years, my mother and I have been living in hell. We've been subject to harassment, abuse and intimidation in our own home by a clearly criminal gang that calls itself a "syndicate". Its primary motive is real estate. As my mother holds a good portion of the land title through inheritance, the idea is to subject us to such terror that we flee. Syndicate gangs, like the mafia, have become an open, dirty "secret", a factor of life in West Bengal.
Chidanand M. via Getty Images

Why ‘The Independent' Didn't Change Kolkata To Calcutta

The Independent's decision to revert to using Bombay had nothing to do with British colonialism. It was driven by its India-born editor's stand on the political issues prevailing in the country of his birth. This is a remarkable development. An individual has attempted to reverse a sequence of events that the British government did not interfere with! It is also interesting to note that Mr Rajan has chosen to remain silent about his city of birth, Calcutta, which was renamed Kolkata.
Rita Banerji

Photo Essay: I'm Dreaming Of A Calcutta Christmas...

For Calcutta, Christmas is an event where the city celebrates its centuries-old history and its multitudes of immigrant communities, cultures and religions in a manner that they retain their uniqueness, even as they blend, seamlessly, into one big celebration. It's an experience I've not witnessed with any other religious festival in India or anywhere else. It is this joy I share here with a set of pictures I took as I went around the city yesterday, enjoying its pre-Christmas celebration.
Shreya Das

Pictures: A Heritage Walk In Old Kolkata

It all started with a friend suggesting that we take a heritage walk through the streets of old Kolkata organized by Padhaaro. While the former capital of British India has evolved a lot after Independence in 1947, the city's rich history is still preserved in bits and pieces in its architecture, culture and street furniture, most of which are visible in the old parts of the city, i.e., primarily North Kolkata. The photos below were captured on the journey. Enjoy the charm of this beautiful city!