Burqa Ban


Why Banning The Burqa Is A Step Towards Women's Liberation

This November, Switzerland followed in the footsteps of France and overwhelmingly voted to ban the burqa in the region of Ticino, instating a £6,500 fine for women who continued to wear this garment. As expected, accusations of Islamophobia have started flying thick and fast, and my fellow feminists will probably soon be writing editorials on Muslim women's right to choose. I beg to differ. I don't think that wearing a burqa is a viable choice at all.
Subhendu Sarkar via Getty Images

The Reviled Veil: Unfolding The Layers Of The Burqa

Antiquated, repressive, protective -- whatever it might be, the burqa has attracted enough controversy in the recent past to be banned from public life by several countries. The real challenge is to understand why such a convention came into being and what exactly we need to denounce about it... for everything is not wrong with the burqa per se, but only how it is used as tool for suppression.