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Burkinis And Bikinis Have More In Common Than Just Being Beachwear

Haute Elan’s burkini collection would have been considered far too scandalous a century ago in Europe or in the US. They would have been accused of being far too revealing of bare skin. In France, women bathed in ankle-length garments at that time. At best they wore bloomers that showed a flash of calf. Culture demanded women to be covered up in loose clothing while swimming. In Boston, Australian swimmer Annette Kellerman was arrested in 1907 for wearing a figure-hugging one-piece ankle length swimsuit.
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France Likes Its Muslim Women Oppressed

The fashion police are now out monitoring, and threatening with pepper spray, covered women who can potentially destroy laïcité and maybe even the very foundation of French society. Gasp. Oh France, you have just revealed to ISIS and other extremist groups what you fear the most -- a Muslim woman wearing what's essentially a wet suit with a hood. Now prepare to have an army of burkini-clad women climb the Eiffel tower and declare France an Islamic state.