Bullying In The Age Of The Internet

I think the internet has helped create the perfect bullies or as we sometimes know them, trolls. The cyber-bully knows it all and may have intimate access to your life. A conversation shared in private can be put on public records, a statement made years ago under different circumstances can be misquoted. Or better yet, they can create some kind of a poster, a meme, a picture, or share an embarrassing video over the internet.
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Bullies Are Not Born, We Create Them

The colleague who misbehaves on a conference call and constantly demeans someone's ideas, the neighbour who talks in an offensive tone every time you meet her, the person who breaks into a queue and gets abusive when others complain about it or even a family member in your own home who is always disrespectful to others -- they all were infants once. They were all polite and well-behaved at one point of time.

How A Child Becomes A Bully And What We Can Do About It

In my practice, I have often felt that even bullies need help. What we tend to forget or miss is that their behaviour, while aggressive, can also be a sign or plea for help. As parents and educators, how we choose to address the issue is what makes a difference; labelling a child as a bully can scar them for a lifetime as surely as their behaviour can scar others.
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How To Help Your Child Deal With Bullying

Watching a child deal with bullying can be heartbreaking and frustrating for parents; we can't be with our kids every minute of every day to protect them. And in any case, the way to weather bullying is often within. But there are some steps parents can take to help kids avoid being bullied from the start, or help them deal with bullying once it begins.
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I Had A Bully For A Teacher And She Nearly Destroyed Me

My daughter Pihu's first day at a nearby day care centre was a disaster. The teacher could not handle her crying, my number was not reachable and by the time I arrived, the clueless teacher shouted at her. My girl fell into my arms, crying. "I want to go home," she said between sobs. This incident took me back to the time when I was a timid 8-year-old girl who'd get bullied almost every day and was once mercilessly battered by a teacher in primary school.