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From Patparganj To Dhaula Kuan: Friendly Delhi Neighbourhoods, As We Don't Know Them

Very few would know that Patparganj, literally standing tall with its numerous housing societies, witnessed a battle in 1803 that defined the subsequent history of Delhi, and India too. Or that Tis Hazari, usually teeming with worn-out, anxious litigants at its famous district courts, may have been named after the 30,000 Sikh soldiers who once camped here. Or that Dhaula Kuan, literally translating to "white well", perhaps referred to a pit-stop used by Mughal emperor Shah Alam II.
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Why 'Akhand Bharat' Is A Pipe Dream

Talking of Akhand Bharat in today's world would make no sense because this would require the unification of India, Pakistan, Bhutan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Burma. Such a vision is impossible in today's India. The very definition of India has changed for various politicians. While a few think India should be secular, others see it as a Hindu nation. These ideological differences will never ever help India achieve its dream of Akhand Bharat.