Podcast: The Idli Story - Once The Labour Of Love In South India's Kitchens, Now A Pan-India Staple

The versatile and healthy idli is ubiquitous and has achieved widespread popularity. But, and some might find this surprising, it was nothing more than a regional specialty up until the '70s and even '80s, when it was confined largely to south Indian households. How did it manage to cross geographical boundaries and become an everyday staple across India? Vikram Doctor finds out in this episode of The Real Food Podcast.
Khushboo Thadani

6 Ways To Upgrade Your Morning Routine

A healthy morning almost always guarantees a healthier day. Even if you are more of a "night owl", there's no reason why you can't make your mornings count. A few tweaks are enough to upgrade your morning routine to help you achieve a healthier, more energised and determined version of yourself... even before you head out to work.