‘I'm Not Needy. I'm Wanty': Are Brands Listening?

Consumers are no longer looking to fill need gaps. They don't have unmet "needs," strictly speaking. And, in their efforts to fulfill their greeds, consumers are willing to leave no stone unturned. To paraphrase an old adage, consumers are now saying, "I always live within my budget, even if I have to borrow to do so."
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How To Make Your Brand Matter In Asia

There are thousands of brands in Asia, with more cropping up each day. How do you ensure your brand grabs the attention of consumers for the longest time? Each country in Asia is as heterogeneous as all of Europe. Many are yet to consume brands that the West takes for granted. More importantly, many are yet to realize why they should consume them in the first place.
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Losing Face: Brand Image And Public Perception

A couple of weeks ago, we caught up over dinner at an Australian friend's place in Mumbai. Inevitably, the discussion veered to whether Indians were safe in Australia. About five years after the spate of attacks on Indian students, especially in Victoria, anxieties persist with regard to safety standards and whether there is an inherent animosity that many Australians feel towards Indians. The Australian case is an example of brand damage and a failed attempt at brand repair.
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Buying A Smartphone Was Bad For My Ego

In this era of new models of mobile phones, confessing an allegiance to an old trusty device brings a moment of dark comedy. Your colleague or friend might give you an icy stare, others might smile sarcastically or comment on how you aren't keeping up with the changing times. I, therefore, decided to replace my old phone with a new 'smart' one that respects the popular sentiments of the people around. This hints at a deeper narrative that we live in an era where society is bullied by market goodies.