The Western Mass Murderer Vs. The Muslim Terrorist

It might be instructive to devote some time to studying two acts of terror--the 2011 massacre at the hands of Anders Breivik in Norway and the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing perpetrated by two Chechen Muslims--which have occurred in the not-so-distant past and the reactions that they engendered. More specifically, let us see how these two acts were analyzed and reported by prominent Western writers in major publications.

Boston's Hit Wicket: A Tiny Corner For Cricket

Sid or the proverbial Siddhartha is not guzzling Sam Adams, Boston's most-famous local beer. He still likes his Kingfisher, with red and blue feathers, and bottled in Bangalore. And more so, when he is immersed in Hit Wicket. Not the one he bowled during his kindergarten days in Chennai, but his favourite destination to watch the Cricket World Cup 2015 in Boston. For me, Hit Wicket was about more than its delectable fare: it epitomised the push and pull of identity between Boston and the game.